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Every wedding is unique and none more so than Kailing and Joshka's amazing Leeds Wedding at Bolton Abbey photographed by M and G Photographic.

We are so, so pleased we were picked as the photographers for this day. Every time we look at these photos, we smile! There were so many funny moments, so much emotion, so many laughs and so many tears. Kailing and Joshka were so in love and having the best day of their lives with all their closest family and friends. What an amazing day.

We started off in Leeds, photographing Kailing as she got ready, then she met Joshka in the hotel lobby - this really wasn't the usual wedding at all! It wasn't about convention and tradition, it was just about love and having an incredible day to remember forever. So Kailing and Joshka - and their bridal party - walked through Leeds centre together, before arriving at a packed church. With that, Joshka sat at the piano and played a beautiful self penned solo composition for the entrance of his bride, Kailing (who walked up the isle on her own, looking incredibly beautiful and full of smiles!) After a wonderful ceremony and bubbles for confetti, we made our way to Bolton Abbey for so many amazing moments. We're sure some of the images look posed - but they really weren't. They are all about this perfect couple's personalities and their love for one another. So, we didn't prompt them to get in the river - they just did it!

We didn't ask Joshka to pick Kailing up, but he did and we were therre to photograph it and many other natural moments. We really could photograph a wedding like this every week - but of course, what makes our job so perfect as a wedding photographer is that every wedding really is different. There will never be another Kailing and Joshka, but we'll treasure the memories of photographing their day forever and are so pleased they picked us to document their day in our natural wedding photography style.

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