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When John and Victoria first got in touch with us we were so excited to hear all about their wedding plans. We were even more excited when they chose us to be their wedding photographers! We had photographed our first Scottish wedding in 2017 and couldn't wait to photograph Victoria and John's day by the shore of the beautiful Loch Lomond in March 2018. 

When the day finally arrived and we travelled up to Scotland, we found ourselves driving through increasingly cold and snowy conditions. However, minus four temperatures couldn't stop this lovely couple having the best day of their lives!

For many people, such cold conditions might have meant spending the whole wedding day inside, keeping as warm as possible. But Victoria and John were determined to enjoy the beautiful scenery their wonderful wedding venue The Cruin offered. So when they popped outside - taking the cold weather in their stride! - we joined them to take some photos of them enjoying the stunning views. It was more than worth getting cold for!

What's more, later on in the evening, when the temperatures had dropped even further, Victoria and John asked if we could take a nightime shot outside - and we were only too happy to oblige! We got our cameras and flashes ready, then wrapped up as if we travelling to the Artic... Victoria and John casually followed us, dressed in an elegant wedding dress and kilt respectively. We asked if they'd be ok dressed in their wedding clothes in the freezing night temperatures - John simply replied "don't worry, we're Scottish!" 

We were so pleased that John and Victoria loved their photos and are so, so thankful to them for leaving this amazing 5 star google review: 

"Patrick and Hollie, thank you so much for caputring some amazing photos from our wedding in March 2018 at Loch Lomond. We appreciate you coming out in - 4° temperatures but it was worth it with the shots you caught with the beautiful backdrop and my stunning bride! The action shots of the ceilidh (traditional Scottish dancing pronounced like kay-lee) sum up how we all felt on the day, so much fun!

A really laid back couple who you could of forgot were there at times, allowing you to enjoy your day without any pressure, yet they didn't miss a moment! Fantastic! Thanks again, John & Victoria"

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