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How long have you worked as wedding photographers and what are your qualifications?

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We shoot around 90 weddings a year, and have 10 years experience as wedding photographers (and many more years as photographers in general). We have huge passion for what we do, and feel privileged to work professionally doing something we love. Patrick and Matt are both qualified to degree level in Fine Art – Time Based Arts, where our work was focused on photography and video.

Do you travel?

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We cover the whole of the UK and are happy to travel to wherever your big day is. As we have bases in both the North and South of England we are able to travel easily to weddings in any location. If there is any additional fee for travel or accommodation, we will let you know when you get in touch – there are never any hidden costs. By travelling to new venues all the time allows our work to stay exciting and original.

What equipment do you use?

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We hope that you book us on the strength of our work first and foremost – we want to work with couples who love our photography and our style of working. However our pricing structure is carefully managed and takes all elements into account, so we’re very open about the camera and lenses we shoot with. We’ve both invested in Nikon’s flagship cameras (for the techies out there, the Nikon D5 and Nikon D4s models). Having the best cameras Nikon can offer allows us to works reliably in all environments including the darkest of churches, the most intimately lit ceremony rooms and of course occasionally, on the wettest of summer days!

Lenses are just as important. We use super fast zoom lenses to get close to the action without imposing on your day. We also have a vast array of prime lenses to shoot at very low light without flash. This is a must for us as many venues do not allow flash. We’ve never had a camera break down at a wedding. But to put your mind at ease, we always come prepared with at least three professional cameras in our bag.

As natural wedding photographers, will you still shoot the group shots we ask for?

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Yes, definitely! We like to keep our groups as informal as possible to help everyone feel relaxed. We will talk to you about your preferences for group shots during your pre-wedding shoot to make sure we capture everything you need.

Why book a second photographer?

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Although we’re experienced at shooting even large weddings with just one photographer, having a second photographer means that absolutely nothing is missed. A second photographer affords us the luxury of capturing the same important moment from different angles and positions, using both wide shots and close-ups. It also gives us the chance to shoot more candid shots, and gives you more images to choose from after the big day. As with the image below, a second photographer lets us capture the moment your eyes meet during the ceremony from both perspectives.

Why book a videographer?

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The days of the cheesy 1980s wedding video are gone. We create wedding films with a real cinematic feel that helps to get the personality and style of your wedding across. Our films perfectly complement your photographs in a beautiful and natural way, and we feel they are a brilliant keepsake to remind you of your perfect day. Nothing brings your wedding – and your memories of everyone who was there – back to life quite like a wedding video.

We’re not confident in front of the lens so we don’t want a pre-wedding shoot, can we take it out of the package?

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That is completely fine, we understand that pre-wedding shoots aren’t for everyone. However, we do feel that this shoot is a great opportunity to help us get to know you and your partner before your big day. This means that we can tailor our approach to make you feel as comfortable as possible and remove any preconceptions about what it’s like to be photographed by a professional. We feel a pre-wedding shoot is so helpful for our couples, we offer them for free rather than charging for them, when a couple books an all day package with us.

If you still don’t feel comfortable with the idea of a pre-wedding shoot, we’re happy to meet you for a coffee to chat about your big day, and we’ll leave the cameras at home. But as you can see from the image below, our pre-wedding shoots are relaxed and a lot of fun!

Where can we see more examples of your work?

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We know that choosing a photographer for your wedding is a huge decision, so that’s why all of our work is available to view on this site and on our Facebook page. Our online portfolio is extensive and testimonials of our past work are readily available.

How many images will we receive?

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All weddings are different so we don’t have a set number of images we give. But typically, one photographer will give you around 600 images and two photographers will give you 800 plus images. We provide all photographs via a password protected gallery with no copyright restriction, so you can print them and share them as much as you like. Each image is individually edited in our own style.

An online gallery means you can access your images anywhere, at anytime. It will never, ever expire. So unlike a USB which can be easily lost or broken, your online gallery is a permanent record of your day which you can share with all your friends and family with a click of a button.

'Copyright restriction free' means we don't restrict you at all with the use of the images - so you can print them, share them as much as you want - you don't have to buy prints or albums from us. If you do want professional prints and albums, please buy them from us - but there is no obligation to do so! We want to give you the freedom to buy prints from anywhere using your beaitufl, high resolution images.

Can we meet you to see more of your work?

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Absolutely. Although all our work is available online at www.mandgphotographic.com we do have wedding album samples that we will be happy to show you in person at one of bases in East Yorkshire or Hertfordshire. Because we’ve got a really good reputation and because we book up so quickly, most couples book in with us on the strength of our online portfolio in the knowledge they will meet us and get to know us better at their free pre-wedding shoot.

Can we meet up with you?

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If you do want to meet us that is absolutely fine, we are wedding fanatics and will love talking through all your plans face to face over a cup of coffee. Most of our meetings are done online via facetime or skype - however, if you'd like to meet us face to face we are only too happy to meet you in either East Yorkshire or Hertfordshire. 

However, 99% of couples book in with us without meeting us first. In 2017, between our lead photographers Matt, Patrick and Chris, we photographed around 90 weddings all around the country. Of all these weddings we only met a few couples before they booked in. Our packages offer a free pre-wedding shoot, so our couples book in with the knowledge that they will meet your lead photographer before their wedding day arrives to get to know them. Also, people book in with us quickly becasue, luckily, we have such a good reputation and are known for booking up years in advance.  Our testimonal provides readily available reviews from our previous couples and you can also read reviews on google - at last count we have recevied 17 reviews, all from our couples, all 5 star reviews. We are incredibly proud of this.

Also, in this modern age, all of our work is available online - so you can view 1000s of photos via this website. We hope you like our work! We work with couples who love our photos / video and choose our natural style to capture their big day, so they can get on with enjoying their wedding day and know that it will all be photographed beautifully.

Why do your packages cost the amount they do?

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We have priced our packages carefully. We realise they are not cheap and are a big investment – however, we believe wedding photography and video is just that, an investment. The wedding photographs – and video, if you select a video package – you receive will stay with you forever and will be the things that will help keep your memories alive. Our prices reflect the fact we use the very best cameras and lenses money can buy – and also, the fact that wedding photography is not just one day’s work. It’s all the planning in the build up to your day, then typically a 12 hour day working and then up to a week editing your wedding photos.

Are you insured?

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Yes, we are fully insured to cover your big day in terms of our equipment and public liability.

What style of photographers are you?

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We work in a very unobtrusive way on your wedding day. Some of the best feedback we get is when brides and grooms say they forgot we were there at certain points of their day – then look back and see photographs of moments they missed at the time. So throughout the day we try and keep things natural and relaxed – we make sure the photographs and films we produce compliment your big day and show it at it’s best. We don’t like to direct and make the photos take over. We won’t ask bridesmaids to jump 5 feet in the air. But, like the photograph on this page, if that happens spontaneously, we’ll be there to capture it in our own photographic style. To read more please visit our style page.

Who will be our lead photographer?

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Your lead photographer will be either Matt, Patrick or Chris. All three of our photographers photograph excusively for M&G Photographic. All of our styles are the same - we all have the same experience and use the same equipment. You will meet up with your lead photographer on your free pre-wedding shoot, so they won't be a stranger come your wedding day. You will see all our work all over the website, along with our other photographer Hollie. Having a team of four photographers means we can cover two weddings in one day at opposite ends of the country. We love the variety this brings to our work!

When do we pay the full balance and how do we book?

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A £200 deposit confirms your booking with us – this is deducted from your overall balance. We work like all wedding suppliers and you don’t have to pay the remaining balance until 28 days before your wedding. Please contact us if you’d like to us to check our availability.

Do you have experience of shooting weddings ceremonies of diverse cultures?

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Yes, we’ve been lucky enough to photograph Chinese Weddings and Asian Weddings recently and in each case have put together a large team of photographers to make sure we cover everything perfectly. We’re highly experienced in all types of wedding events, so simply contact us to receive a bespoke quote.

Can we print out our own images?

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Yes! You get all your images at print resolution on a USB stick, you can get these printed by us or from your chosen wedding album supplier – we want you to print and share your images as much you’d like! We do offer wedding albums and prints if you want some extra special and you can read about our albums on our pricing page.

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