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The things we love!

We love the outdoors. We love natural images. We love smiles. We love real emotion. We love taking stunning photographs of our couples utilising the best locations your wedding venue offers - and sometimes the surrounding area too. We love that every wedding is unique and our images will show your wedding as it really happened - there's no template for our images, every wedding is different and we look to show that. We love our job, meeting new people and travelling to new places.

We are not these things... 

We are not traditional photographers - there will no standing in a line for hours taking endless group shots - we will take the group shots you want, but this will not take over your day. We are not posey photographers and we do not copy other people's work. We are not cheesy and we don't follow trends - your wedding photos will be about you and will be timeless, they will look just as stunning in 50 years time as they do when you receive them. We are not ego driven photographers so you won't hear us shouting orders at you all day long - we do this job because we love photography and there is no better feeling than being able to deliver images that capture real memories that will be treasured and loved for a lifetime.

A little about us!

We are a small team of fine art / documentary Yorkshire wedding photographers, started in 2013 by lifelong friends Patrick and Matt. We are based in Yorkshire but travel the whole of the UK. We have won several awards and been featured in some amazing blogs and publications. These include: 

One of the winners of the Evening Standard Best Wedding Photograph of 2018, TWIA Awards Regional Finalist, Bridebook Platinum Award Winners, Brides Up North blog and 'loved' supplier, Outside bride blog, Festival Brides blog, Whimsical Wonderland blog, This Is Reportage blog.

Over the years our team has grown and we now count Patrick's wife Hollie and our friend Chris as team members - as well as filmmaker Josh. Having a team of four photographers and one filmmaker means we can photograph two weddings in one day at different ends of the country. We love the variety this brings to our work - we are all friends and love the creativity and freedom photographing weddings brings.

You will meet your photographer before your wedding day

Though we are a team of photographers, we still provide a very personal service. Patrick may handle initial enquiries, but from the very beginning you will know who your lead photographer will be on the day. You may select two photographers, but you will have one lead photographer who you will have the opportunity to meet before your big day arrives, via a pre-wedding shoot or Skype consultation.

Beautiful images, beautifully edited

Hollie and Chris handle all the editing, meaning not only do our photographers all shoot in the same natural style with the same professional equipment - but all photos are edited in the exact same way. So whoever your lead photographer is - be it Matt, Chris or Patrick - we will shoot your wedding with the same natural approach, producing the same beautiful images that will be edited in the same fine art style.


We love what we do

When we say we have a passion for what we do, we really mean it. This isn’t a hobby to us, it wasn't a sudden career move after been given our first camera. This is us doing what we’ve always wanted to do. We’ve been to hundreds of weddings and every single one has been unique. We’re personally invested in every wedding we attend and feel the utmost privilege that couples allow us to be part of one of the biggest days of their lives. Your wedding is about you and your guests – not the photographer. At times you’ll forget we’re there, but we’ll be working in the background to unobtrusively capture all the key moments and little details of your day.

Our experience

We started photographing weddings ten years ago seperately after studying fine art photography, then in 2013 we joined together. Over the years, as our business has grown and we have expanded our team to include Hollie and Chris plus a dedicated wedding videographer. We have now photographed more than 400 in total and filmed well over 100. We are proud of our testimonials and reviews and you read can a sample of these here.


How we work

Our team of four photographers means we can photograph two weddings in one day at different ends of the country. All our photographers have the same natural style and use the same techniques. Unlike some photography companies, we never contract out our weddings - if you book with us, your lead photographer will be Matt, Patrick or Chris and you will have the opportunity to meet them at your free pre wedding shoot. Offering this chance for you to get to know us is really important. Read about our free pre wedding shoot offer on our packages page here. 

Our team

Patrick and Hollie are a husband and wife team and based in East Yorkshire, Matt is based in Hertfordshire and Chris is based in Hull. Location doesn't matter though - it's not unusual for Patrick to be in the Lake District and Chris to be in the New Forest on the same day, then Matt to be at a wedding in Cheshire the next day - or we could all be photographing a wedding in Hertfordshire together on one day. We love the variety this brings!

Patrick - Lead Photographer and co-founder


Matt - Lead Photographer and co-founder


Chris - Lead photographer


Hollie - Second photographer

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