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Hi, we’re Matt and Patrick – founders of M&G Photographic. We are documentary wedding photographers with years of experience and a real passion for what we do. We let moments happen rather trying to create them; capturing humour, romance and real emotion.

Yorkshire wedding photographers - available wherever you are

Although we’re best friends and business partners with our main base in Yorkshire, we live at opposite ends of the country in East Yorkshire and Hertfordshire. Having a northern and southern base means that we can both easily cover weddings across the whole of the UK. Visiting new places and new wedding venues is always inspiring, so please do get in touch no matter where you are. Over the years our business has grown and we now have a further two amazing photograhers (Hollie and Chris) who work with us to allow us to keep up with demand.


We love what we do

When we say we have a passion for what we do, we really mean it. This isn’t a hobby to us, or a career move to make money. This is us doing what we’ve always wanted to do. We’ve been to hundreds of weddings and every single one has been unique. We’re personally invested in every wedding we attend and feel the utmost privilege that couples allow us to be part of one of the biggest days of their lives. Your wedding is about you and your guests – not the photographer. At times you’ll forget we’re there, but we’ll be working in the background to unobtrusively capture all the key moments and little details of your day.

Our background

We’ve known each other for well over 15 years and first met at university studying Fine Art and photography. We both photographed our first weddings in 2007 and started our full time wedding photography business, M&G Photographic, in 2013. We both feel so lucky to be fulfilling our ambitions as photographers and truly love every aspect of wedding photography. We hope this comes across through this website: from our rambling text to our images, to our testimonials from previous clients. A background in Fine Arts helps us to be creative in our approach, resulting in photographs that are truly natural, genuine and absolutely unique to your special day.


About Patrick

I live in East Yorkshire with my partner Hollie, my son and our two cats. My passion is photography and though I work on a diverse range of different photography and video projects, my real love is photographing weddings. No other aspect of my work gives me the freedom and creativity that photographing a wedding does. I also love photographing just for fun – and like to use my film cameras like my Nikon F100 whenever I can. I really do love my job and I love making a living doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Not only am I able to photograph beautiful locations all over the UK, I meet amazing people and photograph so many emotions and natural moments all in one wedding day. What’s more – no two weddings are ever the same!


About Matt

I live in Hertfordshire with my family. Two children keep me busy! I travel all around the country UK photographing weddings, spending as much time up north as I do down south over the summer months. I’d love to hear all about your big day, so please get in touch if you like our work and think our natural style of photography would suit what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer. I started out photographing at an early age and becoming a professional photographer fulfilled a lifetime’s ambition.


About Chris

I live in Yorkshire with my wife and two children. I began working for M&G Photographic in 2014 and have since photographed weddings all over the UK. I love photographing weddings in a documentary style – which means I photograph things naturally, I never set up shots or try and create moments. I like to let my couples get on with enjoying their day and hopefully they forget that I’m there! Just like Patrick, I am also an official photographer for Hull City Of Culture in 2017 – so this year has been so busy and really exciting!


About Hollie

I work as a second photographer and assistant for M&G Photographic. The thing I love most about photographing weddings is looking for that unexpected shot and capturing moments that our couples would otherwise miss. I’m always on the look out for reflections, small details and emotions. Really I love to photograph all the excitement of a wedding day! Being a second photographer means that I can go unnoticed even more than our lead photographers and I think that helps me capture some really emotional and intimate moments. Patrick and I work so well together as we love being able to work so creatively with one another – from meeting couples at pre-wedding shoots, to photographing their big day to finally editing a wedding and bringing all their special memories to life!

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